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Other Certificates

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Other certificates:  


  •  Tourism Quality Destination.

 In recognition of the efforts made in improving internal management, particularly those processes related to customer satisfaction, at the end of ?2010 a SADECO was awarded the distinction of “Tourism Quality Commitment” which certifies the compliance with the established requirements of the methodology defined by the Tourism Institute of Spain, which coordinates the project at the national level. Thus, with the implementation of this system, SADECO tends to assist in promoting a consistent level of quality in destination increasing tourists' satisfaction and encouraging their loyalty.



  •  Risk Prevention

 The Policy of Occupational Risk Prevention in SADECO aims to promote the improvement of working conditions.

 In order to obtain this goal we have at our disposal a management system of Occupational Risk Prevention which submits to audits, both internal and external, to guarantee optimal functioning.

Sadeco SADECO develops a Prevention Plan within their ORP procedures, to achieve an integrated management of ORP, inculcating a culture of prevention throughout the entire company's environment.



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  •  Soil Protection

 From SADECO, we are aware that the soil protection is a priority for a fertilisation, in this way ensuring its fertility and agronomic value, in the present and in the future. That is why, we have proceeded to regulate and ensure our composting process and final product under the requirements of RD 824/2005.


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