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Municipal solid waste collection

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In the city of Cordoba there are 5.000 containers.

Basically there are four types:

  • Gray lid containers, for organic waste.
  •   Blue lidcontainers,forpaper and cardboard. .
  • Green lidcontainers, for glass,
  •  Yellow lid containers, for plastic and inert material.


It is important to deposit each waste in the specified containers in order to properly recycle and utilize waste.

Waste collection is done every day of the year, except Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. .

Basically, this collection is carried out by the system known as "Side Collection", which allows performing better job and in better working conditions for SADECO workers.


In order to minimise the effect of containers on their surroundings in areas of the centre and the Old Town of Cordoba, special chests are used for storage, they are also kept underground using a system called: underground containers.

Other innovative and advanced solution to deposit waste in the Old Town of Cordoba are ecopoints.


There is waste which due to its features and size should not be placed in the usual containers.


Recogida de enseres.


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