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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

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In order to make SADECO website browsing more comfortable and useful, we try to give answers as clear and accurate as possible in order to clarify any possible doubts you may have about the Company and Services provided. .


Am I entitled to a reduced Public Hygiene Rate?

According to the Tax Ordinance No. 105 Article 8 about reductions in Public Hygiene Rate, persons who are retired, pensioners or recipients of Social Wage are entitled to a reduced fee, provided that the total annual income of the beneficiary and his/her spouse does not exceed in more than 3% the indicator of the (IPREM)(Public Income Indicator of Multiple Effects) and considering their primary housing.

IPREM year 2014 ................................. 7455, 14 euros

Therefore, the monthly limit entitling to the reduction for 2012 is 548,48 euros.

Those persons who meet these requirements should submit an application to SADECO with the following documents: :

  1. CERTIFICATE OF FAMILY CENSUS (Town Council or Civic Centres)
  3.  RECEIPT OF PENSION (Social Security or Andalusian Regional Government – Junta de Andalucía)


How can I dispose of domestic goods or appliances?

 If you buy a new electrical appliance, the purchase establishment is required to remove the old one.

If it is not the case, SADECO can remove it through the Goods Collection service or can take it to an Ecopark.  arriba


I have a plague of rats, mosquitoes or cockroaches at home. What shall I do? 

SADECO performs a periodic task of pest control on public roads.

We can meet demands in private homes, although it has a cost, which will be communicated prior to the performance of the work. arriba


How can I adopt a pet?

You should contact the Animal Control Centre (CECA) from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 14:00 . Also through this website you can find out about animals in adoption. arriba


What requirements do I need to adopt a potentially dangerous dog?

This information can be found on the home page in the window ANIMAL CONTROL. arriba


There are plagues of rats, mosquitoes, cockroaches or others in my neighbourhood.

You should call the Animal Control Centre (CECA) at the number 957 29 35 14 or communicate it by e-mail on: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

You can also fill in this formarriba


The container where I deposit my waste is broken.

Normally our waste collection service detects any anomaly which the container suffers, but you can call us at 957 76 12 67 if you want to notify any defect. You may also contact us by e-mail on: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or fill in this form. arriba


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