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From the point of view of soil conservation, it is essential to preserve agricultural soil, since the future depends on the agricultural production. It is convenient to maintain in the soil optimal levels of organic matter ((OM), which are always related to its fertility, as they maintain soil with an activity that can be comparable to a living being.

Current agricultural production systems cause the destruction of soil as a fertile stratum, due, among other reasons, to the loss of organic matter in it.

One of the most important ways to regenerate soils, especially in the Mediterranean Basin, consists of the incorporation of organic matter to it. At this point it should be noted that urban waste (r.u.) has a high percentage of organic matter – around 55% in the city of Cordoba. Organic matter is susceptible to be transformed into an organic improvement of quality through a proper composting process getting a double profit, since soil fertility and stability would increase, and additionally another resource, which otherwise would be discarded in landfills without any utility, is exploited.



In 1993 SADECO introduced the selective collection at source of the organic fraction in the grey container , and inert fraction in the yellow lid container. The separate collection of organic matter of municipal waste allows it to be transformed, using suitable methods of composting, into a high-quality SADECO compost, q, which is free of any contaminants and is suitable for its use as an organic improvement of soil.

Initially composting experience in Cordoba begins with the selective collection of organic matter to a population of about 25.000 inhabitants, gradually increasing with the ultimate goal of extending this experience to the entire population of Cordoba.

For the production of compost, Sadeco disposes of composting facilities of Environmental Complex of Cordoba. With the launch of this centre, Sadeco compost production is estimated at 25.000.000 kilograms per year.



The organic matter of soil is a heterogeneous component which includes more or less transformed plant and animal remains. Despite its small proportion, it exerts a fundamental influence on soil and its fertility, influence known since the beginning of agriculture.

Organic matter has many positive effects, diverse and interrelated, which affect the physical, chemical and biological features of soil.

The effects on the water regime (increased humidity retention in the soil) may be fundamental in Mediterranean climate areas with dry periods. Likewise, after mineralization process, organic molecules are capable of providing, in assimilable forms by plants, essential nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus, as well as trace elements (Zn, Cu, Mo, etc.).



After various and extensive studies conducted by SADECO, as well as by research groups of great reputation, we come to a conclusion that the use of compost, in particular the use of Sadeco compost in typical soil of the province of Cordoba, has a very positive effect summarized in production increase of 25% on average in most crops and soil types, as well as many other positive effects on the quality of the product and sustainability of agricultural production in our soil.

Sadeco compost can be used in gardening to recover degraded areas, in forestry and agriculture, and is available in the facilities of Environmental Complex of Cordoba.


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